An Ode To September

The month of September 
A unique one, isn't it ?
Not sure where it fits in
One has to admit

Too warm for Winter,
Too sunny for fall
Too gloomy for summer
So it stands alone, but tall

A rainy day made me realize
I am September, aren't I ?
Always sticking out
But never stop trying

One day, as grey as a winter eve
The next, as bright as the summer sky
But in the end, wondering
Wondering when I'll fly

To all the souls out there
Who marvel at all of it
And ponder upon themselves,
Asking who they are, and where they fit

Fret not darling, for you are not alone
We are the Septembers of this globe
We are the ones
Who will never lose hope

And this is an Ode
An Ode to those, who look for silver linings
Even in the heaviest storm cloud
An ode to those, who could never mix in with the crowd.

~Aahana Jain


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