Wenger’s – A Delicious Piece Of History

Established in the early 30s, this little vintage bakery and cafe is tucked in the A Block of Connaught Place, Delhi. It serves everything from sweet pastries and breads to patties and puffs. It was originally started in 1924 as a little catering outlet for the British officials present in Delhi. However, it has come a long way since then, now securing a place in the hearts of the many Delhiites.

From my grandfather taking out my grandma for milkshakes and cold coffees to Wenger’s, to my own uncle and aunt taking me there for the beloved chicken patties, this tiny cafe has held a special place in my own family. Even as I entered the Cafe,

I was greeted with the sweet smell of different breads and desserts, and I savored everything I had, from the Rum Pastry to the Chicken Baguette. This place is a definite must-try for all the foodies out there. So, I think this article should’ve convinced you to go and try out Wenger’s – a delicious piece of history !


Fly, yes, I want to 
Away from all this confusion
Into a world similar to the one I imagined
Oh, to live in that illusion

But life isn't a dream
For it is a truth, a harsh one at times
A society that works
By no one's designs

So what do I do now ?
Wish I could experience that high
Of being everything and nothing
Yes, someday I'll fly

-Aahana Jain

An Ode To September

The month of September 
A unique one, isn't it ?
Not sure where it fits in
One has to admit

Too warm for Winter,
Too sunny for fall
Too gloomy for summer
So it stands alone, but tall

A rainy day made me realize
I am September, aren't I ?
Always sticking out
But never stop trying

One day, as grey as a winter eve
The next, as bright as the summer sky
But in the end, wondering
Wondering when I'll fly

To all the souls out there
Who marvel at all of it
And ponder upon themselves,
Asking who they are, and where they fit

Fret not darling, for you are not alone
We are the Septembers of this globe
We are the ones
Who will never lose hope

And this is an Ode
An Ode to those, who look for silver linings
Even in the heaviest storm cloud
An ode to those, who could never mix in with the crowd.

~Aahana Jain

After All, We’re Just Teenagers

Have you too, wondered like me,
About the Can-Is and the What-Ifs ?
Have you too, had to make decisions
Standing on the edge of those metaphorical cliffs ?

Its funny, how life is so confusing,
Definite one minute, and uncertain the next.
Its funny, how one little thought
Can leave you perplexed.

Am I the only one, who feels this pressure on us ?
This need, this want, to be perfect ?
Am I the only one, to think that we're just kids
But have to deal with the society and what it expects ?

Don't you envy, those who can think straight ?
People whose thoughts haven't been plagued by a hundred questions.
Don't you envy, the peace that they have ?
The ability to live their life without a thousand tensions.

Well, what does it matter, 
After all, we're just teenagers.

~Aahana Jain

Beauty is You

They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,
And I have to say, I agree.
For you are beautiful in someone's eyes
And that's a fact I can guarantee.

Your complexion can differ,
You may be fair, you may be dark,
You may have freckles, or spotless skin
One without a single mark.

Your guise can be different,
You may be a size four or six,
You may have wide hips, or a broad built
But these are things you needn't fix.

You may not have oh so full lips
Or a pointed nose,
But let me remind you, beauty is there inside of you
And in every inch of your body it flows.
You may yearn for perfect hair,
Instead have those that can't be tamed.
But don't be hesitant, for natural beauty
Is not a reason to be ashamed.

They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,
As I said, that's true.
I hope by now you know,
That beauty is You.

~Aahana Jain

A Love Letter To Mumbai

Mumbai,where should I begin
Not loving you would be a sin

I started my journey with you just as an infant
And fell in love with you in an instant

I still remember going to Marine Drive to sit by the sea with my mom when I had the blues
And eating ice cream at Baskin Robbins, wondering which flavor to choose

I remember going to Mondegar and savoring their eggs and toast
Trying to figure which one of their doodles I loved the most

And of course, I can't forget NOFRA, my wonderful Naval Campus
From where we could see the endless water, the view so pretty, like that of a painting on a canvas

I remember going to Colaba Causeway
My tiny brain so fascinated by the colors and people and the hundreds of items on display

Though I left you at the age of nine
I always knew you were mine

And now I've come back at fourteen, to start anew
Although I really miss Ahmedabad too

I look forward to this journey with you, and hope we'll get along
Know that with you I'll always belong

The Biblophile’s Heaven

If you’re a real bookworm, I’m sure you totally understood what I’m talking about. Yep ! You guessed right ! I am talking about bookstores.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with online book shopping, but honestly, a bookstore’s a whole different experience. No matter how many times I’ve been to nearby bookstore, its always a thrill to go there. I often tell my parents to leave me there for 1-2 hours so that I can select and read peacefully. In fact, in my most recent visit, I noticed that the store had added a little nook with lots of cushions where readers could sit and read and my only thought was, “Damn ! This place is now more perfect than ever”.

For those who aren’t avid bookreaders and don’t understand what I’m ranting about, let me tell you the reader’s experience of buying a book from a bookstore : First, you enter the bookstore and are greeted with the most pleasent smell of paper and the satisfying sound of the pages rustling. Then, as you enter the section of your preferred genre, you look at all the books in a whistful manner, longing for the day when you have read them all. As you leaf through the pages of the books you have somehow managed to select, you silently close your eyes and inhale that womderfull smell. Soon, you have to go, but the joy you get in taking the books from the cashier, knowing that you now own them is undescribable. As you reach home, you make your way to your very own comfy chair or sofa or bed, and then prepare yourself to get lost in the overwhelming world created by the author with the help of just 26 letters.

And that, my dear reader, is a wonderful experience summed up in merely 140 words. If this doesn’t convince you to read, I don’t know what will.

26/11 – Thirteen Years Later

On this day, it has been 13 years since the horrifying 26/11 Mumbai attacks. Everytime I think about these attacks, a chill goes down my spine.

On this day, 13 years ago, 10 young terrorists of Lakshar-e-Taiba entered Mumbai through the Arabian sea and caused a havoc no one could have ever imagined. They targeted 5 places and held mass shootings, injuring 300 people and killing over 166 people in the process. Though 9 of these terrorists died during the 4-day operation, 24 year old Ajmal Kasab was caught, who was responsible for the shootout on Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station.

During these 4 days, Mumbai and her people witnessed a horror like never before. It scarred them in a way one cannot describe. Mumbai and her people have gone through a lot, not only in the 26/11 attacks, but many others like the 1993 blasts, the 2006 train blasts among others. My heart goes out to the people who had to witnesses all this and who were directly affected by these horrifying incidents. No words can describe the pain of the people who have been involved in this .

26/11 will not be forgotten, and neither will the people who were in it.

I have written a poem dedicated to Mumbai 26/11 attacks.


On that day, Mumbai experienced a horror like never before

An incident that shook its people to their very core.

Some cried to express, some stayed silent,

They just couldn't digest an act so violent

Their pain had to be revealed,

Because sharing was the only way that they could heal.

It's been thirteen years now, but the chill is still the same

Of thinking about this, of hearing someone utter this name.

This attack may be written down in history,

But so will the way Mumbai and her people gained victory.

~ Aahana Jain

This Show Will Be There For You !

F•R•I•E•N•D•S has lived in my heart since this lockdown (I started watching it in the lockdown) and will always have a special place in it for as long as I live. This show has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, all because of its perfect cast, interesting storylines and lovable characters.

Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Ross and Chandler are all friends we long to have some day. They gave us the most funny, loving, cute, crazy, awesome and greatest sitcom we have ever seen. The chemistry between all the actors made F•R•I•E•N•D•S feel less like a TV show and more like real life. The jokes were funny, the storylines relatable and don’t even get me started on how good the fashion was. I mean, could this show BE any more fantastic. The best thing about F•R•I•E•N•D•S is how the characters made us laugh and cry with and for them. They gave us something to look forward to after an exhausting day. When I finished F•R•I•E•N•D•S, I cried. Something I thought I wouldn’t do since I am not much of a crier when it come to shows and movies. But this show made me question that. I wasn’t really able to get over the fact that there would be no more hanging out at Monica’s apartment, no more drinking coffee at Central Perk and no more making fun of Ross’s 3 divorces. My reaction was simply this :

Friends David Schwimmer GIF - Friends DavidSchwimmer RossGeller GIFs
FRIENDS GIF - Friends Excited Phoebe GIFs

But when I got to know about the Reunion, all I could do was this :

Today when I saw the reunion, I understood how special this show was; not only to me, but to the whole world. Seeing the cast laugh, cry and chat together was heart-touching. The joy and laughter that this show has brought has not changed since it first aired, almost 27 years ago… Weather it be mine or my parents’ generation, this show has been, is being and will always be enjoyed by everyone. One of the greatest sitcoms of all time, ladies and gentlemen,

Mom : An Unpaid Therapist With A Built In Lie Detector

Mothers! Aren’t they your best friends? Well if they are not, you should make them as soon as possible. Why? Because mothers are the only people who can give you the right guidance on any matter- whether it is life, career or any other thing. Sure sometimes you might feel that they don’t understand you- even I feel that sometimes- but ask yourself, who do you turn to every time you need advice or are feeling sad? Your moms, that’s who.

My mother is the literal definition of ‘World’s Best Mom’. We both can be jokers together and laugh on the silliest of things. We can be serious too when needed. My mom is like walking-talking encyclopaedia about important life lessons, whether it is spiritual, about friendship or about career. But that’s exactly why I love her so much, she is there for me whenever i need her and has all the right words to guide me.

The thing that I find about moms so weird and magical is that they can instantly tell if something is wrong, I mean they are like spies in those matters.

But hey! That is what makes moms so wonderful. And so I would like to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. May you never change!

happy mothers day