After All, We’re Just Teenagers

Have you too, wondered like me,
About the Can-Is and the What-Ifs ?
Have you too, had to make decisions
Standing on the edge of those metaphorical cliffs ?

Its funny, how life is so confusing,
Definite one minute, and uncertain the next.
Its funny, how one little thought
Can leave you perplexed.

Am I the only one, who feels this pressure on us ?
This need, this want, to be perfect ?
Am I the only one, to think that we're just kids
But have to deal with the society and what it expects ?

Don't you envy, those who can think straight ?
People whose thoughts haven't been plagued by a hundred questions.
Don't you envy, the peace that they have ?
The ability to live their life without a thousand tensions.

Well, what does it matter, 
After all, we're just teenagers.

~Aahana Jain

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