This Show Will Be There For You !

F•R•I•E•N•D•S has lived in my heart since this lockdown (I started watching it in the lockdown) and will always have a special place in it for as long as I live. This show has touched the hearts of millions of people around the world, all because of its perfect cast, interesting storylines and lovable characters.

Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Joey, Ross and Chandler are all friends we long to have some day. They gave us the most funny, loving, cute, crazy, awesome and greatest sitcom we have ever seen. The chemistry between all the actors made F•R•I•E•N•D•S feel less like a TV show and more like real life. The jokes were funny, the storylines relatable and don’t even get me started on how good the fashion was. I mean, could this show BE any more fantastic. The best thing about F•R•I•E•N•D•S is how the characters made us laugh and cry with and for them. They gave us something to look forward to after an exhausting day. When I finished F•R•I•E•N•D•S, I cried. Something I thought I wouldn’t do since I am not much of a crier when it come to shows and movies. But this show made me question that. I wasn’t really able to get over the fact that there would be no more hanging out at Monica’s apartment, no more drinking coffee at Central Perk and no more making fun of Ross’s 3 divorces. My reaction was simply this :

Friends David Schwimmer GIF - Friends DavidSchwimmer RossGeller GIFs
FRIENDS GIF - Friends Excited Phoebe GIFs

But when I got to know about the Reunion, all I could do was this :

Today when I saw the reunion, I understood how special this show was; not only to me, but to the whole world. Seeing the cast laugh, cry and chat together was heart-touching. The joy and laughter that this show has brought has not changed since it first aired, almost 27 years ago… Weather it be mine or my parents’ generation, this show has been, is being and will always be enjoyed by everyone. One of the greatest sitcoms of all time, ladies and gentlemen,

Mom : An Unpaid Therapist With A Built In Lie Detector

Mothers! Aren’t they your best friends? Well if they are not, you should make them as soon as possible. Why? Because mothers are the only people who can give you the right guidance on any matter- whether it is life, career or any other thing. Sure sometimes you might feel that they don’t understand you- even I feel that sometimes- but ask yourself, who do you turn to every time you need advice or are feeling sad? Your moms, that’s who.

My mother is the literal definition of ‘World’s Best Mom’. We both can be jokers together and laugh on the silliest of things. We can be serious too when needed. My mom is like walking-talking encyclopaedia about important life lessons, whether it is spiritual, about friendship or about career. But that’s exactly why I love her so much, she is there for me whenever i need her and has all the right words to guide me.

The thing that I find about moms so weird and magical is that they can instantly tell if something is wrong, I mean they are like spies in those matters.

But hey! That is what makes moms so wonderful. And so I would like to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. May you never change!

happy mothers day

7 Must Reads For Booklovers

This list contains everything, from whodunnits to rom-coms to classics. Basically, this list contains heaven for book lovers

1. The Hate You Give (Angie Thomas)

This book is literally all you need to read to understand the topic “BLACK LIVES MATTER”. It follows the story of a black girl, Starr Carter, who sees her best friend being killed in front of her by a white police officer, just for being black. This has a huge impact on a life, not only as a black girl but also as a human. This book is all about her realisation of the difference it makes to be black in society, and also follows her journey of how she protests against not only her best friend’s murder but also the murder of many other innocent black people.

2. The ‘To All The Boys’ trilogy (Jenny Han)

This series follows the life of a simple and shy girl Lara Jean, who’s life turns upside down the when the secret letters to all her crushes get sent out. Wait. It gets even more crazy when one of the guys she sent the letter to, Peter Kavinsky (a.k.a the ‘It’ guy of the school), insists on having a fake relationship with her to make his Ex jealous and to cover up Lara Jean’s existing crush. However, what starts out as an agreement turns into more. That’s all I am telling you right now. The rest you’ll have to read yourself in this YA trilogy. BTW, you might have also watched it’s movie on Netflix, but as true bookworms know, it’s always more fun in the book 😉.

3. Magpie Murders (Anthony Horowitz)

This novel show the life of Susan Ryeland, and editor for Cloverleaf books, who has a very simple and boring life. However, things take a mysterious turn when one of her authors, Alan Conway, suddenly suicides. Well, everybody thinks its a suicide, I mean there is a letter too. But something rubs Susan the wrong way, and she starts investigating the death. What makes this novel even more interesting to read that it has a whole other books inside it. Yes! you heard that right. To solve the mystery of the death, Susan reads Alan’s last novel, ‘Magpie Murders’, the last installment in the fictional Atticus Pund series. This book really gives you a run for your money, ‘cuase it’s got a twisty and capturing plot.

4. Moonflower Murders (Anthony Horowitz)

This novel is a sequel to Magpie Murders. Life is now well for Susan. She runs a hotel in Crete with her long-term boyfriend Andreas. However, things take an interesting turn when an elderly couple comes to her, asking her to find their missing daughter. The request is unusual, but what’s even weirder is when they think that her disappearance is related to one of Alan Conway’s old books, “Atticus Pund Takes The Case”.ONce again, Susan is driven back to her old life to find the missing woman, and once again, we read another novel inside this novel. Every discovery in the storyline is very sudden and unexpected and will surely glue the reader to the book.

5. Rebecca (Daphne de Maurier)

This book is a well known classic by the legendary writer Daphne de Maurier. It follows the journey of a shy and introverted lady’s maid – whose name is not revealed in the whole book so we will be referring to her as the 2nd Mrs de Winter – who falls in love with a wealthy new widower Max de Winter on a trip to Monte Carlo. They marry each other in a few days and when the new bride goes to Manderly (Max’s home), she faces many challenges like the mysterious housekeeper Mrs Danvers and the fear of not being loved by her husband anymore. All I can say is that the root of all the problems in the 2nd Mrs de Winter is Max’s first dead wife, Rebecca. The novel is a bit boring at first, but if is worth it, ’cause towards the end of it, it becomes damn interesting.

6. The Robert Langdon series (Dan Brown)

The books in this series are (in chronological order) Angels & Demons, The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol, Inferno and Origin. Apart from the mystery, these books are actually very educational as they tell you a lot about science, art and religion. All the books of this series are quite captivating and knowledgeable. The main character is Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbology professor (I wish that was a real profession 🙁) always gets roped into some or the other mystery that is related to art or symbols. Although The Da Vinci Code is the most popular from the series, all the other books are also quite good.


7. The Hunger Games Trilogy (Suzanne Collins)

This series is like my ABSOLUTE favorite. It follows the life of a teenage girl, Katniss Everdeen, who lives in District 12 in Panem, a country that rose from the ruins of North America. Every year, the Hunger Games are held in the Capitol (capital city of Panem), where a male and female tribute (between ages 12-18) from each of the 12 districts are put into an arena to fight and kill each other. The last tribute alive is crowned the winner. I know. Cruel right ? Well, in the 74th Hunger Games, Katniss is also a part of this bloodbath. All through these books, we follow Katniss on her journey as she tries not to be just a piece in the Capitol’s games, while battling her personal life of poverty and trying to take care of her family and being a part of a VERY complex love triangle. I am telling you, you will never regret reading these books.

13 Things I Learnt About Life As I Turned 13

Officially becoming a teenager is one of the greatest things in a child’s life. It feels as though you are cool. But alongside this coolness, also comes a sense of responsibility and a maturity in one’s nature. So today, I would like to share the 13 things that I learnt about life as I turned 13:

1. Don’t let others define you               

☆ I have seen many people in my life that will put labels on you and try to change you for their own needs, but always listen to yourself and act wisely.

2. Be Positive

☆ Because it’s always better to look on the sunny side of everything.

3. It’s ok to take a break                       

☆ When you are feeling stressed by work or studies or anything for that matter, just take a short break and chill for sometime. This will help you get your focus back as well as put your mind at peace.

4. Always think with a calm mind       

☆ Whenever you are feeling agitated or irritated, just take a chill pill. It is very important to be calm if you want to grow in life.

5. Don’t take decisions in a haste         

☆ Decisions taken in haste and panic usually result in regretful situations. This is because when you are making them, you are not actually thinking but just trying to find a fast solution to your problem just to finish it, and not thinking about its consequences. Therefore, always remember to take decisions with a calm and composed mind.

6. Don’t try to always please others

☆ When you go out of your way just to make other people happy, you unknowingly get mentally exhausted and tired over a period of time. In the process, you also start losing your original self.

7. Everything has a limit

☆ Excess of anything is bad. Everything has a limit and capacity. Remember yours and stay within it.

8. Take out time for yourself

☆ Every day, try to take out at least half an hour for yourself when you can do whatever you like. This will provide you happiness and peace from the every day work and hustle.

9. Appreciate the little things in life

☆ Remember to always appreciate the small things in life, like catching your favorite show on time or eating a very good meal, that bring you happiness. It will help you realize how fortunate you are as well as teach you the importance of the little things in life.

10. Never give up

☆ Never ever give up. Whatever it is, you can make through it. And there are always people on the way to help you reach your goal, so don’t think that you are alone.

11. Live in the present

☆ Always remember to live in the present; don’t think too much about the future or about the past. The present is the only time when you have the power to actually do or change something. It is a gift.

12. Face your weaknesses

☆ Don’t run away from your weaknesses and failures, instead face them. The more you run away from them, the more they will keep on coming behind you and troubling you. So, face them and try to improve upon them.

And the most important of them all :


The Joy Of Finishing Exams

So, recently, I finished my mid-terms and I remembered the joy I used to feel when Lockdown wasn’t there. Hearing the bell that indicates that the last exam is over, was like music to any students’ ears. The feeling of joy, relief and freedom during that time was felt by each student in their own way.

Although I don’t mind online classes that much, I still missed hearing the sound of those joyous screams from mine as well as other classes that came just as soon as the bell rang. And even though some of our invigilators would give us half-hour lectures about the consequences of our screaming, there was nothing that could stop us. Seeing the happiness on our faces, I think the teachers also let us be a bit wildly happy for one day.

I remember, after the last exam was over, the corridors outside our classrooms would be no less than a railway station platform packed with students. And at the canteen, the situation would be even worse. The canteen was flooded with children as if that place was the only one that could provide them food. And for me, at home, it would be heaven. I would watch watch my favorite shows and eat my favorite foods half the day and spend time with my friends in the other half.

All of this sounds like once upon a time….. Ah! Those were the days..

Stranger Things

Stranger Things! A show that literally changed my whole perception of horror shows. For me, horror shows weren’t even half as good as the movies because I felt that in a series of this genre, either the stuff will be too scary or the story will be stretched. But ‘Stranger Things’ is nothing like that. Not only does this show has an awesome story line that keeps you literally on the edge, it also finally made a group of kids famous that weren’t from Disney. Just kidding 😁.

The first season is mainly centered on the disappearance of Will Byers due to a creature from another world, and how his friends and family go to great lengths to find him with the help of a very unique girl, Eleven, with superpowers. The great lengths that Will’s mother Joyce goes to find him and saves him from the deadly monster (the Demogorgan) with the help of police chief Jim Hopper shows how a mother can do literally anything for her child. Also, the way that Will’s friends (Mike, Lucas and Dustin) search for him risking their own safety tells us what is the meaning of true friendship.

The second season was even better ! The way that they showed how Eleven is hidden by Hopper and how she rebels and reaches out to her family and a sister that she never knew about is just amazing. Meanwhile, Will is literally possessed by another thing from the Upside Down (a totally different dimension from where all the evil comes) and therefore becomes a threat to his family and friends. How will they get this demon out of Will ? How will they save themselves from all the danger coming towards them? Watch the series on Netflix to find out.

And lastly, the third season of Stranger Things is epic. The story line, the base, the new characters, the plot, everything is amazing. I really have to give it to the Duffer Brothers on this one. And fortunately, nothing happens to Will in this season 😜. This season not only tells us the horror story, but also shows sides of the gangs’ friendships, relationships and normal teenage problems. But in the end, the whole thing is amazing. In this season, the Russians are trying to open the portal to the Upside Down (are they literally mad !) right here in Hawkins, Indiana. Also, the Mind Flayer has now almost taken over the full town andis coming for Eleven and her friends. How will Eleven save herself and her friends from this deadly monster. Watch the show only on Netflix to find out.

I think by now you must have got the idea of how awesome Stranger Things really is. So best of luck in watching it and remember, stay safe from the Upside Down. 😉

Harry Potter- A Special Part Of My Childhood

Harry Potter- the magical wizard who took our hearts with him while flying on his ‘Firebolt’ broomstick. Almost every child who likes reading books knows and has read about the adventures of this skinny wizard and his 2 best friends’ adventures. From finding the Philosopher’s stone to winning the Triwizard Tournament and defeating the powerful dark wizard Voldemort, Harry Potter has gone on many many adventures alongside his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, two people who stood with him and believed him no matter what.

As many of you readers know, the Harry Potter series taught us to imagine, taught us to believe, made us realize that anything can happen and the most important of all, taught us friendship. Being an orphan, all Harry Potter had for a family was his Uncle Vernon, Aunt Petunia and his cousin Dudley, all of whom treated him like a servant and an outcast. But when Harry came to Hogwarts, he found his real family- the smart Hermione Granger, the brave Ron Weasley, the wise Professor Albus Dumbledore and his extended family of the sweet and welcoming family of the Weasleys. Molly Weasley was like a mother to Harry that he never had; she cared for him as if he were his own son, so much so that her boggart was of that of her family AS WELL AS Harry dead. The Wealseys, despite of their weak financial conditions, took care of Harry as if he were if their own.

For me, reading Harry Potters adventures was like going on them with him and his whole gang. I felt bad when Fred Weasley, the Murauders and many other people died, and I felt overjoyed when Harry won the Battle of Hogwarts.

I feel that we all owe a BIG THANKS to J.K Rowling for making mine along with many other children’s childhood so very special. And finally, A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR BELOVED WIZARD, HARRY POTTER.

Harry’s ‘Lightening Scar’ shaped brownies made by me

The Fault In Our Stars

Ah! The ‘Fault In Our Stars’, a book that explained Love in all the right ways. For those who don’t know, ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ is a book and also a movie that tells about the life of Hazel Grace Lancaster, a 16-year old cancer patient who falls in love with Augustus Waters (a.k.a Gus), a cancer survivor.

Hazel, having lung cancer couldn’t exert a lot and was very sick. She sat at home all day binge-watching TV shows and didn’t even have any friends. Upon her Mom’s advice Hazel forcibly goes to a Support Group for child cancer patients. There, she meets the ever-charming, ever-sweet Augustus Waters, an 18-year old Cancer survivor (Augustus had osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer due to which he had to get one of his legs amputated). Although Hazel did fall for Gus, she still wanted to be ‘just friends’ with him as she referred to herself as a ‘grenade’, and believed that when she died, she would hurt the people she loved and the people who loved her, therefore making everyone sad and miserable. Although Gus agrees to being just friends, he knows deep down that both he and Hazel love each other.

When Hazel and Gus go to Amsterdam to meet their favorite author, Gus tells Hazel some news that shocks her to the core. Read the book or watch the movie to find out what happens in Hazels’s life.

All throughout the book, the same lessons and facts about life are shown again and again-“Pain demands to be felt”. This fact about life is something that we can’t ignore. To quote Jim Hopper from Stranger Things (A Netflix Series), “Make mistakes, learn from ’em, and when life hurts you – because it will – remember the hurt. The hurt is good. It means you’re out of that cave.”. The message that the author is trying to convey in this book is that ‘Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional’. It shows that if you have pain inside you, it isn’t wrong. But it is very important to acknowledge this pain and to move on and start from a fresh page. Also, to quote Augustus Waters, “You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, old man, but you do have some say in who hurts you.”.

Lastly, I would really like to thank John Green for writing such an amazing book and for teaching us these important truths about life.


With everyone sitting at home quarantined due to the ongoing pandemic, I’m sure many people would have got time to sit and reflect on their lives. I did so too. Many a times I would thank God that I had a roof over my head,  food on my plate and that I still lived a happy and comfortable life in these challenging times. We all think that we don’t have this or we don’t have that, but be grateful that you at least have that much. So many people had to depend on Government shelters for food and stay during this lockdown. Think about the people who live on sidewalks and who depend on leftover food from trashcans. Give gratitude every time you see someone living on the sidewalk or begging for food. In fact, why only give gratitude on such things, thank God every time something good happens to you.

I think the best way to show your gratitude is by keeping a small notebook on your bedside table, in which you can write at least 5 things that you were grateful for each day. This can be done in the night before sleeping. I hope this article inspires you to start your own little “Gratitude Notebook”.😊