Beauty is You

They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,
And I have to say, I agree.
For you are beautiful in someone's eyes
And that's a fact I can guarantee.

Your complexion can differ,
You may be fair, you may be dark,
You may have freckles, or spotless skin
One without a single mark.

Your guise can be different,
You may be a size four or six,
You may have wide hips, or a broad built
But these are things you needn't fix.

You may not have oh so full lips
Or a pointed nose,
But let me remind you, beauty is there inside of you
And in every inch of your body it flows.
You may yearn for perfect hair,
Instead have those that can't be tamed.
But don't be hesitant, for natural beauty
Is not a reason to be ashamed.

They say beauty comes in all shapes and sizes,
As I said, that's true.
I hope by now you know,
That beauty is You.

~Aahana Jain

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