A Love Letter To Mumbai

Mumbai,where should I begin
Not loving you would be a sin

I started my journey with you just as an infant
And fell in love with you in an instant

I still remember going to Marine Drive to sit by the sea with my mom when I had the blues
And eating ice cream at Baskin Robbins, wondering which flavor to choose

I remember going to Mondegar and savoring their eggs and toast
Trying to figure which one of their doodles I loved the most

And of course, I can't forget NOFRA, my wonderful Naval Campus
From where we could see the endless water, the view so pretty, like that of a painting on a canvas

I remember going to Colaba Causeway
My tiny brain so fascinated by the colors and people and the hundreds of items on display

Though I left you at the age of nine
I always knew you were mine

And now I've come back at fourteen, to start anew
Although I really miss Ahmedabad too

I look forward to this journey with you, and hope we'll get along
Know that with you I'll always belong

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