The Biblophile’s Heaven

If you’re a real bookworm, I’m sure you totally understood what I’m talking about. Yep ! You guessed right ! I am talking about bookstores.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with online book shopping, but honestly, a bookstore’s a whole different experience. No matter how many times I’ve been to nearby bookstore, its always a thrill to go there. I often tell my parents to leave me there for 1-2 hours so that I can select and read peacefully. In fact, in my most recent visit, I noticed that the store had added a little nook with lots of cushions where readers could sit and read and my only thought was, “Damn ! This place is now more perfect than ever”.

For those who aren’t avid bookreaders and don’t understand what I’m ranting about, let me tell you the reader’s experience of buying a book from a bookstore : First, you enter the bookstore and are greeted with the most pleasent smell of paper and the satisfying sound of the pages rustling. Then, as you enter the section of your preferred genre, you look at all the books in a whistful manner, longing for the day when you have read them all. As you leaf through the pages of the books you have somehow managed to select, you silently close your eyes and inhale that womderfull smell. Soon, you have to go, but the joy you get in taking the books from the cashier, knowing that you now own them is undescribable. As you reach home, you make your way to your very own comfy chair or sofa or bed, and then prepare yourself to get lost in the overwhelming world created by the author with the help of just 26 letters.

And that, my dear reader, is a wonderful experience summed up in merely 140 words. If this doesn’t convince you to read, I don’t know what will.

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