The Best Bookstore

Recently, I went to ‘BOOK STREET’ in Mumbai, a place that gets its name from the many vendors who sell hundreds of books on the sidewalk. It was my first time experiencing something like this and for a bookworm, I have to say I was surprised. The vendors there are very simple and normal people, but the knowledge they had of books was so surprising and intriguing. They knew books of every genre and even recognized the lesser-known authors that I named.

I think this goes to show that the magical world of books calls to any and every type of person. This place was like a paradise on the street. Walking under the blue tarp to explore books somehow was an experience in itself. I even bought three books, two of which were recommended by the vendor himself ! I think I have to say that buying books is a magical experience, and buying them from a place like this made it even more special.

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