Mom : An Unpaid Therapist With A Built In Lie Detector

Mothers! Aren’t they your best friends? Well if they are not, you should make them as soon as possible. Why? Because mothers are the only people who can give you the right guidance on any matter- whether it is life, career or any other thing. Sure sometimes you might feel that they don’t understand you- even I feel that sometimes- but ask yourself, who do you turn to every time you need advice or are feeling sad? Your moms, that’s who.

My mother is the literal definition of ‘World’s Best Mom’. We both can be jokers together and laugh on the silliest of things. We can be serious too when needed. My mom is like walking-talking encyclopaedia about important life lessons, whether it is spiritual, about friendship or about career. But that’s exactly why I love her so much, she is there for me whenever i need her and has all the right words to guide me.

The thing that I find about moms so weird and magical is that they can instantly tell if something is wrong, I mean they are like spies in those matters.

But hey! That is what makes moms so wonderful. And so I would like to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. May you never change!

happy mothers day

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